Past events

Leadership Academy – 2 February 2024 at Société Générale 

Launch of the Women In Finance France Leadership Program!

It was an enthusiastic and motivated crowd that attended the Women In Finance France 1st Leadership Program workshop last week.

Hosted in the beautifully renovated settings of Societe Generale Private Banking - SGPB offices, we made this working lunch session worthwhile for all of our Women In Finance France members tackling the topic of alignment for an authentic leadership.


A reflective framework was introduced based on the notions of Purpose - Attitude - Understand - Support - Energy.

We zoomed in on the Energy sequence of the model.

Working from a model that helps map out the way we "spend" our energy, we all came back from the breakout groups with a clearer understanding of, on one hand, what one needs to focus on and do more of as these activities fuel our energy level. And, on the other hand, what we need to reduce / stop doing that drains much of our energy.

This simple exercise generated a few "Ahaha moments" in our crowd and certainly empowered most of us - inviting each one to further reflect on what are our "energy shots" 

In the end, it’s all about finding our own balance around spend / fueling our energy levels to reach the position where we can be authentic leaders.

A big thank you to Societe Generale Private Banking - SGPB co-hosting this workshop and for being such a great supporter of gender equality and diversity. Mathieu Vedrenne, Béatrice Cavaillès, Ana del Bosque and the fantastic DGPB delegation!

Thank you to Aesara Partners Nathalie Dassas Isabelle Blanchin-Vacheret for having developped this workshop and conducting it with impact.

We look forward to delivering the next four modules with our members.

Be the change!