Four Activation Pillars​

Our development journey and leadership path is organised around 4 pillars 

Communities and Networking

Women in Banking and Finance
Inspiring women and distinguished speakers 

"Lesson to my younger self" format, 40-50 people in an intimate discussion

Wo-Men in Finance
Hot Topic Program

Event with key speaker presentation on a specific theme

Leadership Academy

Our aim is to develop your leadership with practical tools and methodology that can use in your day life through a 5 module program

Module 1 : Authentic Leadership

Spend a few moments thinking about the 5 critical pillars of healthy resilience, or help someone else think about them. Reflecting on which ones might need some attention in order for you to be able to face, overcome and even be strengthened or transformed by the situation you face.

Module 2 : Career Equation

• Know your direction: how do YOU define success
• Know your strengths
• Know your passion and values
• Know your purpose and impact
• Know your pace and the environment that suits you
• Know the people who can help

Module 3 : Emotional Leadership & Empathy

• All leaders that have embarked millions of people behind their cause used a framework that
engages both emotionally and intellectually people
•Based on Cambridge's research, learn how to use the 'emotional leadership' framework to improve the impact of your strategy and vision

Module 4 : Public Speaking & Gravitas

• Understand the science of audience attention and engagement and use techniques to improve the Impact of your public speaking
• Get your frameworks right and non verbal techniques to show authority and conviction

Module 5 : Managing Transitions

• Understand how to have a 'growth mindset' vs a 'fixed mindset'
• The concept of failing forward (fail fast and learn)
• Experimenting new behaviours as a leader for strategic elevation

Thought Leadership

Based on the research conducted by our sister network in the UK with London School of Economics, we will leverage the Good Finance Framework study completed by Dr Grace Lordan to challenge the culture of the FS industry and contribute to creating inclusive financial services organisations

Good finance
Board Preparation

Board Preparation

Speed Mentoring - Our goal is to prepare C-suite executive, or those with equivelant senior leadership experience, for this future development in their career (potentially longer term)


Through workshop and speed mentoring, so you can have clear understanding of Board seat challenges and responsibilities


Thanks to WIF peers community and WIF mentors network to help you formalize a personal roadmap to get on a Board


Involving seasoned board members and relevant professionals (headhunter agencies) so you can identify the right Board opportunity