Past events

Leadership Academy session – 5 July 2023 at Barclays 

Women in finance, be the change! 

It's a wrap! We're so pumped by our latest Leadership Academy session! Yesterday, our vibrant community came together to support and empower women in leadership roles.

The event kicked off with Caroline Gahnassia Berdah sharing her inspiring journey as one of the pioneering women in the finance sector. She emphasized the importance of taking bold steps, like applying for positions that may not perfectly align with our qualifications on paper. 


Caroline's story showcased the power of dedication and trust, as she now holds the position of COO France and Belgium at Barclays.

The workshop conducted by Aesara Partners introduced us to the P.A.U.S.E. method. Through collective coaching, we took a step back to reflect on how to develop an authentic and impactful leadership. For example, we reflected on what energizes us and what drains our energy, emphasizing the importance of self-renewal to protect our psychological and physical well-being.

A massive thank you goes to Barclays for graciously hosting this event and to our incredible workshop facilitators, Nathalie Dassas, Delphine Bert and Isabelle Blanchin-Vacheret.

Mark your calendars for our next gathering in September, where we will continue our journey towards empowering Women in Finance and unleashing their full potential.