about us

Our Mission​

We focus on women in senior positions (Board level, COMEX, N-1 to COMEX, MDs) to initiate the change and accelerate diversity in financial services.​ Our DNA is European and we leverage our highly established sister networks: UK WIBF network (with over 75 Corporate sponsors and partners) and WIF Belgium network to source sponsors and speakers.​ We bring together a vibrant crowd of international women AND men to create a wide network of thought-leaders and accelerate transformation in France and beyond (“men as allies”).​

Four Activation Pillars​

Our development journey and leadership path is organised around 4 pillars.

Communities & Networking

Connect, challenge and inspire our members to share experiences, grow together and increase their visibility amoung peers and infulential decision makers in financial services.

Leadership Academy

Provide a growth platform to develop new skills and think differently about their future in financial services through a mentoring program and specific leadership curriculum.

Thought Leadership

Enable our members to be thought-leaders in their own businesses and across the industry by connecting them to our network and nurturing their thinking with our exclusive research done in partnership with academic institutions.

Board Preparation

Prepare C-suite executives, or those with equivalent senior leadership experience, for this future development in their career though speed-mentoring events with Board members and Chairs.

Our Sister Networks

Women in Banking and Finance
Women in Banking and Finance

Launched 4 years ago
Ambition is to be an accelerator of gender equality in financial services
Today: 44 corporate partners

Wo-Men in Finance
Wo-Men in Finance

Launched 40 years ago
Mission is to bring a gender lens to UK financial services to unlock the full potential of financial services for all
Today: 75 corporate partners, 1500+ individual members, 110* volunteers, 32k+ followers, 24.6 million social interactions