Vladia Ballesteros

Co-Founder, Head of the Private Equity & VC Community​

BIOGRAPHY​ - Vladia joined Partech in 2021 as Principal, overseeing institutional investor relations. She devises strategies to expand the investor base across diverse geographies and categories, supporting fundraising for Partech propositions.​


Before joining Partech, Vladia spent two decades in London, where she began her career in Financial Services. Initially, she worked as a buyer in fashion at Le Printemps in Paris before transitioning to London in 2007, where she started as an Analyst with a Hedge Fund. In 2011, she held the position of Associate Director at Coutts, where she played a key role in an entrepreneurial team that developed a marketplace for direct investment in companies, establishing a network of active investors with the bank's clients. In 2015, Vladia's career veered towards entrepreneurship as she closely collaborated with startups. From 2018 onwards, she served as the head of investor relations for various business angel syndicates, supporting the UK tech ecosystem.​

Throughout her career, Vladia has cultivated a deep interest in entrepreneurship, assisting founders in financing their innovative projects aimed at shaping the future. Key drivers in her professional journey include fostering meaningful relationships, a genuine passion for people, a commitment to innovation, and a steadfast belief in equality. As one of the co-founders of Women in Finance, Vladia is particularly dedicated to supporting women at senior level to make a change happen, recognizing the importance of diversity and inclusivity in driving progress within the industry.​

Vladia grew up in the Caribbean and Africa until the age of 14 before relocating to France for her studies. She graduated from ISG in 1996 and holds an MBA from London Business School. Additionally, she is CFA Level II.​

Vladia, a proud single parent, has successfully raised two children on her own. She thrives on embracing new challenges pushing her beyond her comfort zone. She is a marathon runner, kite surfer, tennis player and enjoys Paris social and cultural life while staying attuned to the happenings in London.​

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