Isabelle Ruhin​

Co-Founder, Head of Institutional Partnerships

BIOGRAPHY​ - Isabelle has 25 years' experience (5 years in Luxembourg and London, 20 years in Paris), mainly in asset management and private banking. ​
She is currently Head of Institutional Development for the MAGELLIM Group in Paris.​


In Luxembourg, she started in 1998 at SG, where she was responsible for creating visibility on the Luxembourg market and within the SG Private Banking international network. She then moved to KNEIP, where she developed major international accounts (investment funds).​

In London, she joined Barclays Capital and co-built the brand and attractiveness of the young British investment bank.​ Over the last 20 years in Paris, she has contributed to the business development of several Houses: 8 years in BeyMedias press group (L'AGEFI L'Opinion), 12 years in wealth management. Business development and investment advice at Leonardo and Family Business Group, Private banker at CIC Banque Privée.​

Isabelle is sensitive to the challenges facing the sector (tech innovation, ESG), and the need for the Financial Centres to communicate with each other, our need to build on experience but also take a fresh look at the way to do business. In her view, Women in Finance is a catalyst for change ! :​
1/ A gender balance driven by Boards and top management will enable the business lines to move forward and enrich best practice and decision-making,​
2/ a European approach to each of the business lines will enable to meet the challenges in the sector.​
Isabelle graduated from EDHEC in 1997, from the Banking Profession's Wealth Management CESB in 2012, and from the AMF Sustainable Finance Certification in 2023.​
She attaches great importance to human qualities. Her equilibrium: family and friends, sport in great outdoors. Her interests: music, art, dance.​

WIF Co-Founders

We are very fortunate to have a diverse and talented group of Patrons and Advisory Board members who support WIF France in the shaping and execution of our strategy and act as ambassadors for gender diversity.